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Base on our more than 30 years experience:  a lot of different symptoms come from the same part or different parts can show the same symptom! (Please take a look at photos below). (Even worse, the same model number, difference parts inside! TVs now made in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico ... etc... Each manufacture using their own parts.)

We are TV doctors. Obviously and logically, the "doctors" must check, test, diagnose… directly on the “patients” before telling what wrong with them. And of course, you need solid, reliable diagnosis to make a serious decision (NOT a guess, maybe this, may be that or "sorry, it was a wrong guess, wrong estimate"...).

All information below just gives you some idea what and where the problem might be…… Please use them at your risk.

Average, 70% of the cases, repair cost should be from $80 up to $300 (except TV' screencost around 60% to 120% of your TV price) . It varies and depends on the brand name, size, model number, what's parts, stock availability, the difficulty and labour to do it.

There are millions of TVs and electronics devices on the market. They are totally different from model to model, different in features, functions, design, price, problems, parts … etc. There is no average parts cost, example: power supply board: some cost just $40-$50, some around $100-$300 or even more! So, it is impossible to tell  exactly what’s wrong and how much without a diagnosis on it! That is the reason why we need to see your TVs and do an estimate first.










picture 2: LCD display screen cracked, must replace the whole screen ASSY
picture 1: buffer boards, Tcon board, driver, video card, LCD panel, connectors, ribbon cables ...
 picture 3: mainboard, buffers, ribbon cables, connectors, LCD panel, receiver, ...
 picture 4: buffers, drivers, screen panel, Tcon, ribbon cables, wiring,
picture 5: main video, main-com, connectors, ribbon cables, sub video, buffers, LCD panel...
picture 6: main-com, video processors, connectors, ribbon cables, Tcon, LCD panel...

C-No power at all: It could be switching power supply board, power distributor, power controller, starter, main com board, power cord, protection boards,  fuses, connectors ...etc

D- TV can not start, clicking continuously: power supply, starter, driver, computer board, capacitors, connectors, keyboard  ...

E- Black, no picture, no sound, but has LED pilot light, hear clicks: It could be switching power supply board, power distributor,  power controller, starter, sensor, scanner, buffers, computer board, display panel, lamp, lamp driver, back-light, connectors, wiring …etc…

F-No picture but sound OK: video power supply, video processor, scanner, back-light board, back-light power, back-light controller, backlight panel,  inverter, buffers, computer board, display panel…etc… 

G- Sound distorted: audio amp, speakers, computer board …etc… 

H-  Intermittent problem: It could be connectors, wiring, internal over heat, over current, over voltage, protection sensors or firmware…etc… in one of the boards inside of your TV.

I-  How to make sure if the problem is your TV, not cable signal provider?  Before call us, you should connect directly (without going through amplifier, receiver) any DVD player, game console ... to your TV and playing some movie, game... to double check if the problem is still there.  

Diagnostic and House-call fee:

These fee must paid in advance and are non-refundable  for technicians to work on your devices to find out what parts defective, how much the parts cost (NOT to fix it). The diagnostic fee is deductible toward your repair.

        1- House call service charge:   $5/km (minimum $50/round trip) (some area, house call  service  is not available).

        2- Diagnostic fee:

        TVs less than 40”            = $30 +gst

        TVs from 40” to 49”         = $40 +gst

             TVs from 50 - 59”            = $50 +gst

             TVs from 60”- 64”            = $60 +gst

        TVs from 65”- 69”            = $70 +gst

        TVs from 70”- 74”            = $80 +gst

             TVs from 75”- 80”            = $90 +gst

             Video-Audio equipment   = $60 +gst

             Professional equipment   = $80 +gst

             Shop hourly labour rate   =  $80/hour

            There will be extra charge $20 added if your device is a curved TV or (and) have been opened, tampered with. Insurance reports also extra charge!


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picture 7: sub-power, video card, video processor, main-com, Tcon, video buffer, LCD panel, connectors, ribbon cable ...
picture 8: power, main-com, video processors, video card, backlight LED strips, backlight power, backlight controllers, backlight connectors, wiring ...
picture 9: video processors, main-com board, video buffers, connectors, ribbon cables, LCD panel .....