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 There are many parts (such as LED strips, power supply, motherboard, controller board, driver board, and connectors) that can cause the same symptom: "a TV backlight problem". Backlight flashing or using a flashlight to see the video in the back ground will only tell you that the backlight is NOT ON; it doesn't necessarily mean that the backlight is defective. Please read below for more details. (Click on the photo to enlarge)

1- The connectors and wiring assy failed (open or shorted circuit),  which prevents power from being supplied to the backlight panel. Without power, the backlight cannot illuminate. The average cost of labor to fix this problem ranges from $60 to $140, depending on whether the issue with the connectors or wiring is inside or outside of the backlight panel assembly..









2- The backlight power supply board is not working, resulting in no backlight power. In about 70% of cases, the cost of a power supply board can vary between $40 to $180, depending on various factors such as the brand name, TV size, model number, part number, stock availability, and shipping costs. However, before replacing the power supply board, you must ensure that the power supply has failed on its own and not due to another component failure that could overload and damage the power supply









3-  The controller board, main-com and driver boards, are responsible for controlling the operation of the backlight in most TV models. In some cases, the Tcon board is also involved in backlight control. The controller board regulates the power that flows through the backlight panel or specific areas, determining the brightness, darkness, or even complete shut off of the TV's backlight depending on the scene. The operation is programmed into the TV's memory and microprocessor on the main-com board. Without these control commands, the backlight power will remain off. The cost of the controller board varies between $40 and $180, depending on the brand name, TV size, model number, part number, stock availability, and shipping.
























4- The back-light LED panel: There are more than 10,000 LED backlight models, each with a different type, depending on the TV brand name, size, model, and version. Most of them are not interchangeable, so you must order the right LED strips to make them work. This LED panel acts as the lamp of your TV, providing the light sources needed for you to see the picture on the screen. It is controlled by the power supply, main-com board, and other components.
In around 70% of cases, the cost of the LED backlight set varies between $50 and $160, depending on the brand name, TV size, model number, part number, part stock availability, shipping, and the number of LED strips that need to be replaced.

5- After replacing the parts, you must perform LED Voltage Balance, Voltage Adjustment, and Power Checking to ensure that the entire TV is working properly. If not, premature failures may occur.

It is essential to be careful while working on your TV, if you have no experience in TV repair or no training, the risk of damaging or cracking the TV screen assembly while working on it is very high, especially with big screen sizes or thin LCD screens that are glued to the TV frame, making them extremely difficult to remove.

To save time and money, please bring your TV to our shop. Our highly trained and experienced technicians, equipped with professional testing equipment, will troubleshoot and accurately identify the cause of your TV backlight problem, ensuring an efficient and effective repair.