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Be careful when moving or transporting your TV! It has a special thin glass screen in the front! Please click HERE to see the tips for moving your TV.

The screen of LCD and LED TVs is made of special multi-layered thin glass and plastic, with millions of tiny electronic components (pixels) built in it! It is very hard to make and very expensive! (Please click on photos to enlarge them.)

- The TV has fallen over, been bent, has been applied force on the screen, dead pixels, dead lines, damaged inside or outside of the screen.

- Somebody hits TV,  kid throw toys, remote control at the TV or  get scratches, cracked screen or lines in moving, transportation or anything damage to your TV's screen...

Sorry, we do not fix any kind of physical damaged screen TVs, whether the damage is inside or outside, because the cost of a new screen plus shipping is so expensive. This cost typically ranges from 60% to 120% of your TV's value. (We have refurbished TVs for sale in our shop, most  starting from $100 up to $300. Save your money by choosing a refurbished TV instead of opting for a new TV screen replacement)

Click on the photos below to see the many types of damaged screen TVs, including tiny points inside or outside, lines, shadows, with or without pictures, as well as fully damaged screens.

We also purchase damaged screen TVs. (all TVs must be your own) Please text us your TV model number located at the back. (While some models are useful, others are of little to no value at all) and let us know whether it comes with a remote or TV legs.  We will provide you with an estimate of how much it is worth as scrap. (Average, we pay from $10 up to $50/each depending on model number)