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Sorry, we can not give estimate, quote...  by phone, online, email... and do not fix any kind of damaged screen TVs. Please read below for more detail. Thanks


Average, 70% of the cases, TV repair cost could be from $60 up to $300 (except TV' screen) . It varies and depending on the brand name, TV size, model number, part number, parts defective, part stock availability, part shipping, the difficulty and labor to do it...etc...


We are TV doctors. Obviously and logically, the "doctors" must check, test, diagnose… directly on the “patients” before able to tell what wrong with them. There are many "diseases" have identical symptoms. And of course, customers need solid, reliable information to make a serious decision (NOT a guess, NOT  "maybe this" or "may be that" or sorry, it was a wrong guess, wrong estimate ...)


Due to the complication of TV's problems, the inaccuracy of estimate by phone or on-line ... to know what's wrong and how much to fix your TV, we recommend customers have 2 choices:


1-  bring it in: diagnostic fee starts from $20... (vary by TV's size and to pay for technician's labour to do troubleshoot, diagnosis,  parts search, testing ...) This fee is deductible toward your repair.

2-  book appointment for  in-home service:  house-call fee starts from $55... in the city (pay for technician driving to your house, gas, car, insurance ... expenses) plus diagnostic fee.


We also have refurbished, open box TVs for sale (with option from 3 months to 1 year  warranty cover), start from $100 . Please come to our shop and take a look. You can save from 50% up to 80% than buying a new TV!


We are licensed electronic service shop in Edmonton city with more than 25 years' experience, certified technicians.


We do service, repair, installation, parts supply for: Plasma, LCD, LED TVs. Computer systems,  solar panel, CNC  industrial machine’s control panels, commercial game machines, LED light decorative panel, robot industrial machines, audio video system, security camera systems,  beauty salon equipment, hospital equipments, TVs video, X-ray illuminator, back-light unit, R/C planes, Quadcopter, Robot Vacuum Cleaner...


Our office : 11338 - 83st NW, Edmonton, AB, T5B-2Y1 (Commonwealth Stadium area). We accept: Debit, VISA, Master card, e-transfer and cash.

Tel: 780-710-0897,     email:

Business hours: We're closed on Wednesday, Sunday and Holidays. Hours: from 10am to 5pm. Sat: 10am to 2pm. Please call for detail or click on the photos interested below.





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